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Lake medical spa/Osage Valley Plastic Surgery is owned and operated ... by not only professionals who do amazing work AND back it up... But they are also ALL kind and compassionate human beings!! They always make me feel important and special... As a mom of four and grandma of two... I love that!!


Thanks to Rachel.. No one believes I'm pushing 50 and a grandma! She does a fantastic job!! And the esthetician Laury is amazing!! The entire staff is super friendly!!


I've been a patient of Dr Huangs for almost 10 years. There is No one I trust more!! Recently I've utilized some other services within the establishment and I've been nothing but pleased... They know what they're doing... And they will do whatever they can to boost confidence and self esteem while keeping budget in mind!!

LOVE this place "

~Denice Halley


"Nikki and all the staff at Dr Huang's Lake Medical Spa are really focused on your skin goals and what is the best way to get you to the look you want. I felt comfortable the minute I got there and have made a few additional appointments based on their suggestions and been really beyond happy with the results, I must admit I was a little scared to dip my toe in the "laser pool" but the results and professionals at Lake Medical Spa have made it quite a fun experience with great results.."

~ Ann B


Dr. Huang and his staff are wonderful. I had Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) performed last Friday by Dr. Huang and I can already see that my results are going to be phenomenal. I feel like my eyes are going to look like they did 30 years ago. I am so excited. There was no pain involved during or after. I was slightly medicated and some numbing of the area was involved. Dr. Huang was the 3rd doctor I had consulted with for this surgery and was the only one that I felt comfortable with. I highly recommend this office!



Excellent service. Understands concerns. Easy to work with. Fabulous results!


Had some stuff done there he is amazing I moved back here Doc. Just recently. So you will be seeing me again."


Great Dr and great staff to take care of you during the post op."


Dr. Huang and his staff are awesome! They are all very good at their jobs, very helpful and do great work"


LOVE LOVE LOVE this place, awesome doctor and staff! Very pleased!!!!



Just recently started coming here for some services and haven't been disappointed! Staff is great. I also love that they run some great specials each month...gives me the chance to try something different!



Rachel did my injections....she is friendly and amazing!!!! This is definitely my new medical spa!!



My journey began in May of 2017 when I received the news that we want to believe only happens to others. I think some of us hold hope that maybe it's not a real thing; however, Cancer holds no prejudice.


So many emotions and so little time to make the biggest decision of your life about “what do I do now?” My mind was filled with worry, regret, fear beyond belief…all of those emotions you can’t imagine unless you’ve walked a mile in the same shoes. Facing a bilateral mastectomy… literally an amputation of a part of me, the last thing I was thinking about is how my new fake breasts were going to look or feel. I really didn’t think I cared how I was going to look afterward. At the time, I just wanted the surgeries over and that is a very real concentration every single day. It took a valiant effort to stay strong, stay positive, and stay focused on getting well even though just one little tilt in any direction and I felt like I was just going to “loose it” –for lack of a better phrase. I just prayed that my doctors had a heart that cared and skill that stood above all others. I needed them to be my heroes.


As my reconstruction team, Dr. Huang and Carol did not disappoint. I am truly blessed to have been referred to Osage Valley Plastic Surgery for my breast reconstruction. Dr. Huang, Carol, and Lacey are surely on my team of angels. They extended compassion and proven talent when I needed it most.


Dr. Huang has EXCEPTIONAL skill with the reconstruction, my new breasts look fantastic! They turned out so close to normal in appearance, I couldn’t have imagined if I’d tried. Now that I’m on the backside of this tough journey, I’m so thankful that when I didn’t care how the appearance would turn out that they cared enough for all of us!


Carol was often my rock, always extending her compassion and assistance, when I had what I felt was a dire situation in the healing process she was calm and reassuring and swiftly talked me “off-the-ledge” so to speak. She is an AMAZING person with equally AMAZING talent and should be cloned!


Lacey is always so professional and sweet when scheduling my appointments. She extends a very caring sentiment through her voice during each call. Even something one might think of as so simple means so very much any time but especially when you are on such an emotional roller coaster.


In short, this voyage in my life has been quite a ride and I have absolutely no doubts that I am surely glad the team at Osage Valley Plastic Surgery were God’s copilots during my flight!



Dr. Huang's expertise, his professionalism, and his compassion for his patients resonates through out his office. What a great professional team. You are not just a number in the office, you are treated very special. In my research, I was apprehensive and scared that I might not find the right plastic surgeon. But once I called and visited with one of Dr. Huang's professional staff members, my confidence grew. I have found when employees speak highly of their boss, that in itself is a testimonial. I immediately scheduled a consultation appointment.


During the consultation, Dr. Huang explained the procedure in depth. I ultimately decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery with him. I am pleased to say how happy I am with the results and would do it again in a minute! My confidence has grown tremendously and I have received a number of compliments about my new look including how I no longer look tired, also well rested and younger."

~Loretta M.

When I first started going to Lake Medical Spa, my skin was horrible. I mean, absolutely horrible. I had cystic acne all over my neck, regular acne all throughout my jaw and pretty much just everywhere on my face. I did not want to take any medication. I had taken medication for acne before, and it had really messed up my system. Nikki Richey and Laurie welcomed me with open arms and made me feel so hopeful! I've had several acne treatments and mini facials, and it has made a world of difference. They put me on a skincare regiment that works for me. My skin is improving. My cystic acne is for the most part completely gone, and my scarring is looking better every week! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. They are so kind, and make me feel so comfortable every time I am there. They take time to answer any questions I may have, spend extra time matching my skin for makeup, and just really care about their patients. Love them and would recommend them to anyone! They are awesome!





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